Workplace Violence Consultation

The Problem of Workplace Violence in Hawaii

Over some years, there have been an average of 1,055 reported acts of workplace violence per year in Hawaii, or about 88 per month. Compared to the entire country, Hawaii is rated "moderately high" in the incidence of workplace homicide, and there is an average of 1.8 workplaces homicides in Hawaii per year. Hawaii has a rate of co-worker homicide that is four times the national norms (50% vs. 12% of all workplace homicides). 

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Threat Assessment & Management

Because employers are increasingly concerned about potentially violent employees, they have retained the services of Threat Assessment & Management professionals. These professionals can provide information to help manage potentially explosive situations.

Threat Assessment is an investigative process, examining relevant information about the situation. The purpose of threat assessment is to provide an opinion about the seriousness of a circumstance, and the likelihood that the situation may escalate and pose a hazard.

Threat Management involves using the information gained in a threat assessment process to develop a strategy that seeks to mitigate the risk of violence. Since each situation is unique, threat management recommendations employ innovative approaches to minimize the risk of violence.

Fitness for Duty Evaluations are a component of the threat assessment and management process, and involve a thorough evaluation conducted by licensed and specially trained psychologists who evaluate the person and situation and provide recommendations for management based upon detailed information about the employee. These evaluations include the following elements:

Review of Relevant Database. This may include interviews with key informants and examination of personnel and/or other records.

Psychological Assessment. The employee of concern undergoes extensive psychological testing and interview.

Management Report. Based upon the database review and psychological assessment results, recommendations are forwarded to management in order to mitigate the threat of violence.

Dr. Farkas has offered threat assessment, threat management, and fitness for duty evaluations and training on workplace violence for over 31 years. He has consulted with businesses, as well as law enforcement, federal, state and city agencies throughout Hawaii.

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